I hope you all have enjoyed the first few days with the new ZU – it’s been a great launch and I’m truly privileged to be a part of it. To close down the week, I have two announcements – and then it’s back to the normal routine of Zelda news and me trying to get the rest of the images on the site.

ZU’s Server Has Been Upgraded

In an effort to curb high load times, I have upgraded ZU’s server’s memory from 4GB to 6GB as advised by my server guys after about an hour tinkering around the server’s running processes and programs and services and whatnot.

Please let me know if you notice any significant decrease in load times. We do still need to optimize the layout’s code – especially the forums – so don’t expect the *big* speed jumps to happen just yet. I was told that the load issues were coding issues and that we’d need to fix it up in the code to get it running as smooth as it could.

However, the extra memory should provide an adequate solution to the load times for now.

Naturally, this costs me even MORE money that I technically don’t have – $20 more per month, just for you guys. So, seeing as I am a student, it would be really nice if you guys could help me pay this bill by donating to ZU. Because now it really is to help keep it up … because I’m still tinkering with the ads, which aren’t bringing in enough just yet.

No, seriously, it’s never a bad time to donate. I’m in a really sticky situation since this layout isn’t monetized properly yet – therefore, it’s going to be hard to make ends meet until I know how the new layout does with the ads around the site. So please, your donations now mean more even than during the donation drive, because this time the actual site is on the line! For a second server, it’s another $200 per month – ZU would run like lightning, but I can’t afford it.

New Affiliate: Realms of Hyrule

Realms of Hyrule is a Zelda fansite dedicated to the wonderful art of role playing. Within RoH’s forum, you can RP to your heart’s content – and, me being me, I’m exstatic to pimp this site to ZU’s readers. (For those who don’t know, I’m an avid writer and author.) For those unfamiliar with online text role-playing, Ralms of Hyrule’s main page says what it is best:

“Realms of Hyrule, or RoH, is a Zelda-based text-RPG. In a text RPG, instead of pressing buttons and watching the graphic designs on the screen, you ‘post,’ or type out and compose pieces of a story by ‘role-playing.'”

If you’re interesting in writing of any form, and love to step into another person’s shoes – the only true way to write, anyway! – then I highly encourage you to visit Realms of Hyrule and participate in their role playing forums.

This concludes ZU’s launch week craziness. Expect more in the future – we’ve still got some articles and even VIDEO stuff coming that didn’t quite make it for launch, but will be appearing rather soon. And, of course, this means it’s back to work for me and Scott – I’ll be finishing up the images that’re missing from the Zelda sections, and Scott will be bug-fixing all around the site when he gets back in a week from vacation. Until then, we’re trying to get Zelda news daily – and if not, the closest thing to it – so look forward to daily news! (Yes, we really mean it this time – DAILY!)