What’s with all these Final Fantasy nerds wanting to affiliate with ZU? …what? I’m a Final Fantasy nerd? Oh, right! I forgot all about that… and so, SquareSound has joined our list of friends on the sidebar.

But who are they? Who is this Tim dude that runs the place? SquareSound is a website completely devoted to one of my own greatest passions – music. But more specifically, it surrounds itself with music from Square Enix games, such as the Final Fantasy series, Chrono Trigger, Kingdom Hearts and Xenogears, all which have BRILLIANT soundtracks, Xenogears especially (I cannot more highly recommend picking up ‘CREID’).

They’ve got the most legal stock of sheet music and soundtracks I’ve ever seen outside of Amazon, which brings back some of my faith in humanity and makes me pretty much sold on purchasing at least one of those babies. FFVII sheet music, here I come!

Please show your support for SquareSound – visit their site and check them out. Usually on places like these I see a ton of Final Fantasy coverage, news, etc… but this place is really devoted to music. They have arrangement competitions as well, which I feel is an incredible motivator to get the creative gears turning. As a musician myself, I can’t ignore the good stuff happening over at SquareSound. They’ll be under “affiliates” from now on, should you, God forbid, forget the link to their site ;).
In other news, I’d like to simply give a quick status update on the revamp. Scott has been missing for just over two weeks, meaning there has been no progress on the coding side of the site. It’s working enough that I can continue formatting pages with the new look and images while waiting for him to return – I believe he’s simply on summer break and will return within the next week, but I’ve got no proof and haven’t been able to contact him. So, it seems the revamp is pushed back two weeks, or as long as it takes him to get back. =/

Never fear, though, because we’ve got a new ZUCast coming today PLUS the unveiling of ZU’s new logo along with it… what could it POSSIBLY look like? :OOO