Who remembers the 80’s when the music creation giants Korg, were at the top of their game? Well, the DS is getting a nifty piece of kit called the “Korg DS-10”.

It is a fully functional music-creation program for the Nintendo DS. The design is based around the famous MS-10 synthesizer and will incorporate many features, including a drum machine, a piano roll, a Six track/16 step sequencer, dual-oscillator analogue synth simulators, real time sound control via the touch screen and it is fully WiFi compatible. Having played around with a few Korg synthesizers myself, I can’t wait to get down and dirty with this. The possibility’s are endless with this software and it should match leading PC music creation in almost every way. The DS provides an excellent platform for the software to run efficiently, using the touch screen to it’s full potential.

Developed by AQ Interactive, the Korg DS-10 is set for release in Japan in July 08, however, if it proves to be the genius tool expected, then we should see an American and European release also.

This is an official product and is not something for use with home-brew or flash cards. This piece of kit is going to be worth the wait and judging by the screen shots, you wont be disappointed.

YouTube Video