Sorry that I haven’t updated that mailbag in a while, but you know how it is. I am working on a comeback again, but I’ve said that many times in the past. These date all the way back to January, so if the question seems outdated, that’s why.

Z-MAN7 writes:

An idea popped in my head not too long ago you see I watched “The Dark Crystal” a 1982 fantasy film by Jim Henson. What was so unqie about the movie was that all the characters were higly detailed, realistic looking puppets. Now I thought hmm what if the Zelda movie was made in this fashion? If you think about it, it might work when you look at the characters like Link whom seems like a doll or puppet in a sense. I just think this would be a better option to do besides make it in an anime style or turn it into a CGI film with an over sized budget. Tell me what do you think? could Henson studios pull it off?

James writes:

Well, consider this. That was 1982, and that’s really all they had to work with back in that day. While they could pull of puppets, I don’t think it fit the series as well as live action, anime, or CGI could accomplish. Puppetry is good for comedy and what Sesame Street or shows of that nature, but not for Zelda.

drakano writes:

i am probably one of the many who think having a whale as the “ocean king” is kinda crap , but the game was made in japan and do the japanese not hunt whales? in the news about a week or two ago there was something about some japanese whale hunters being found :P/p>

James writes:

Yes they did hunt whales in Japan, but as I just read they are trying to stop that. I don’t think the Ocean King being a whale is a bad thing. If you think a ruler of the ocean, you think a very large creature like a whale.

TwilightHaze writes:

The guide for Phantom Hourglass seems rather to very short… Is it going to be updated soon?

James writes:

That whole section is being worked on…well, we are trying to work on it. But you know how it is (well you wouldn’t, but you could take a good guess).

Samantha writes:

I LOVE zelda phantom of the hourglass.But I need your help I can`t get past at the part drawing the sacred crest!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … me please.I REALLY need help!

P.S.Zelda is the coolest game EVER made!!!

James writes:

That depends on which part you are on, and if you need my help anymore. But, in order to through that door, you need to draw an hourglass without lifting the pen off the screen for the first crest, and a triforce for the second time around. Hopefully, we’ll get some images up soon to help out.

Midna2008 writes:

I’m so glad I FINALLY found an active Zelda forum! I’m glad I joined.

James writes:

We’re glad you joined as well! Hope you stay active.

cheato writes:

whats your opinion on who would win if ganon fought vaati in minish form?

James writes:

Ganondorf has the experience, being the thorn in the side of us Zelda fans for year. I also see him as more powerful, with his magic and/or his pig form. Ganondorf would totally win.

Milorad writes:

You in the ZU would agree with me when I say that the next zelda game to come out should have a multiplayer areana? I’m not sure about the rest of you but personally I think it would be more fun to test your abilities as a swordsman/woman against other people instead of only computer, enemy units who go down very easily. Even those armoured mini-boss knights (from TP for those of you who don’t know) don’t seem to much of a challenge, even fighting four of them at once. I want to face a more intelligent and worthy foe, someone with similar abilities as mine, and who can respond better than computerised units who simply run at you and swing their weapons wildly at you attempting to hit you. I think fighting an opponent with unique fighting styles and a range of weapons (bows, clawshots, ball and chain) at their disposal will be far more interesting and exicting than regular bad-guys.

On a different topic I have seen some ideas for new weapons suggested by zelda fans in ZU, and I must say (without pointing out any individuals) that just saying a bunch of weapons at random thinking that they will cool to see, must understand that suggesting new weapons is ok but you must say why. This is because all the weapons in every zelda game limit our proud hero Link in pretty much every area. Places and new areas or rooms in dungeons must be unexcessable until the required weapons is acquired. The weapon must be unique such as the ‘spin top’ in TP, I wasn’t expecting it. I was shocked when I saw it for the first time. It limits you in the dungeon and four different uses; moving over sand and snow, travelling along rails on the walls, attacking enemies (not that effective, only against large swarms of rats) and to power anicent gear machines.

Also I would prefer it if they did bring back the magnetic gloves from OoS. I think someone already suggested it but I am supporting their idea. And they could look Ashei’s gloves form TP (not sure about name spelling), they were massive!

When I had finished the second level in TP and discovered that you could combine bombs with the bow+arrows I straight away tried to equip the lantern with the bow+arrows. I thought that that was how you would get fire arrows. It was a bit disapointing.

I have other comments and ideas but I don’t want to make this to long for you all.

Thanks for reading.

James writes:

For you multiplayer idea, I would love to see one, but it’s going to take some tweaking and working to figure out a suitable one. When I think fighting multiplayer, I think Brawl, which you can use certain Zelda characters in.

You’re right, I think us fans have the best idea for what we would love to see, but the final decision is on the developers.

Why was it disappointing? You really can’t expect every weapon from every game to make it back into future games. There are some limits.

Salad Fingers writes:

I’m am sending this to you to just test this mailbag. I do have a question… When it asks your name, doesit mean your username,or your real name?

James writes:

Whatever you choose. But you must remember internet etiquitte and not give out your full real name unless you absolutely have to.

patrick quinlan writes:

Is there a platform or hardware I can buy to get Zelda: A Link To The Past on my pocket pc. If there is a way can you e mail me how. I love this game and have been searching and searching but cannot find it. Just for SNES, Gameboy/Adv, ext.. Any information even if it can’t be done would be greatly appreciated. It would let me know i am looking for something that doesn’t exists. Thank You

James writes:

Pocket PC like a Palm Pilot or iPhone or what? If you’re talking ROMs, I can’t legally send you anywhere, as you can’t download commercial ROMs. They don’t make a version that I know of yet.