The Legend of Zelda franchise is a great series to follow, and I will continue to follow it for many years to come. Yet, lately I’ve found that the series is losing its grip as some of the greatest games to play, in my mind. The series has begun to iterate itself, and the games appear to be designed with the same general formula. This formula has become tiring of late, and I want to see the series reinvented. Reworked in such a way that the general feel is the same, but there need to be major features that make the game more versatile and enjoying.

First off, the next TP caliber game need to take place in a land that is completely different than the Hyrule we know. It need to be highly detailed (like Doom 3/Fable), with all kinds of little interaction that can be made, that really don’t matter to the outcome of the game, but make it more realistic. Of course this would make it difficult to build a large overworld that doesn’t have to load constantly, but I for one don’t mind loading screens, as long as there is a payoff. The overworld would change in various ways throughout the game, whether it be by war, construction, or natural disaster. A tornado in the world, awesome.

War. The game need epic battles with legions of knights pitted against legions of enemies. The war would have several battles fought throughout the game; heck! Each one could have a boss that appears near the end and Link has to fight it while a battle rages around him. Battles would be fought in daylight, rain, snow, and night just for good measure. Each climate would force both armies to change strategy, and so would the player. The battles would take place in a field, a forest, a wall, a castle/fortress, and even a mountain side! All of these would be truly epic, and even if it had a ton of cinema scenes, if the player could fight most of the battle, I’d be happy. Battles are a must for the future of Zelda.

Dungeons need a change. The player shouldn’t realize that they are entering a dungeon; they should feel like they are in the overworld while still technically in a dungeon. That way, dungeons would feel like they are as big as the overworld, and it would improve gameplay if the player felt they could navigate out of the dungeon and restore their health/ammo/magic and then re-enter the dungeon to find it unchanged. Don’t stick to the same key/key/dungeon map/key/compass/key/mini-boss/item/key/boss key/ boss idea, change it up, have temples that interact with the environment. Formulas must die.

Link, he needs new clothes, and a new attitude. I think that being mute is one of Link’s staples, but as we saw in TWW Link can have on different (even cooler) clothes and still feel the same. He needs to be more of the hero type; I just don’t see that in the course of a game that a humble farmer can change into the Hero. I think it should be set up more to a tune like: Link grows up in metropolitan (place-that-the-game-takes-place) in a temple as the chosen boy, a boy who must train constantly to one day become the Hero. That way it sets Link up to be a leader of an army that repels the evils of the outside world; fighting from one end of the land to other to save the world. It would be much more epic and enjoyable than the save old save the princess thus save the world.

The game needs to have variety like Majora’s Mask and Halo 2, where you can change characters and fight differently. That way the player must develop all new strategies for all the characters he must play, and thus the game would be harder and more fun. Different parts of the story would be played as a different character, and a change like that would be well taken by me. I’d love to see these improvements in Legend of Zelda. Now, do you agree?