Another Sunday and another Hey! Listen!

Hey! Listen! The Gaming Report for June 3, 2007

Nintendo & Friends

Coffee Table…of the Future! – All I can say when I saw this was “Holy Crap”. Welcome to the future, really, is another phrase that is uttering through my brain. Microsoft unveiled their newest endeavor into the world of technology and I must admit, I am very pleased with what they are trying to accomplish. The project is Microsoft Surface, and it is literary the Coffee Table of the Future. The thing is a freaking table with a computer lodged in the middle of it. The thing is completely touch screen, holds videos, pictures, music, and all the essential computer functions. The differences are the touch screen, the fact that it recognizes what you place on top of it (like phones, cameras, and ATM cards) and it seems like it will be useful in restaurants and hotels. Microsoft claims that unit won’t be available until late 2007, but there are going to be places around the world where you can test them out. It seems that the future is upon us. The link is the Surface website, where you can check out the nifty videos showing it off. – Link

Rumor Alert: Mario Kart Wii? – Well, it seems there are rumors spreading before the start of E3, which is typical. The site Jeux-France reports that E3 will tell us the release dates of Mario Galaxy and Super Smash. There will also be some new hardware news, as well as the announcement of Mario Kart Wii. While it does seem possible, we will have to see til E3 to see if it’s true. The link is Kotaku, which already translated the site for you. – Link

CBS To Show Gaming – For those who don’t know, there actually is a World Series of Video Gaming. They hold it annually, with different games each year. This year the games will include Guitar Hero 2, Quake 4, WoW: Burning Crusade and Fight Night Round 3. These games will be played in a tournament style format with different ways to “win” a game round. More rules and such at the WSVG site. But, the best part is that CBS will be showing off the World Series this year. There will be four days they will air the tournament, at different venues. So, now you can check out people who are better than you and feel so better, or something like that. – Link

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

I am sorry, I couldn’t leave this out. There was a video on bits bytes pixels & sprites of a WWE game (that’s wrestling) featuring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. It’s both creepy and hilarous at the same time. So check it out.


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Akilis writes:

What do we do if we spot a flaw in on-site content? Who should we contact?

James writes:

James (at) zeldauniverse dot net. Send me an email and link me to the page and what is wrong. I check my email daily, so if you send me an email, I will check it. Whether or not it lets me respond is another story, but I will check out the problem and try to fix it.

danny gamboa writes:

no one can go without a twilight princess sequal i mean come on im not a fan just to watch you not do anything oh yeah the creator needs more less spazness got it

James writes:

Well, seeing as though I didn’t understand a word you just said, I will do my best to answer this. I don’t know what direction those people at Nintendo are planning, just that the new game will be different from what Zelda has been. We will probably not know anything about the new Zelda game until possibly next year.