I have decided to post a weekly update on everything Smash. Since, you know, you’re all waiting for the game anyway. I must warn, though, that there are some spoilers, so please avoid if you are trying to avoid them.

Since Nintendo decided to be awesome and post a new piece of information daily about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I decided to join the fray. Every weekend, I’ll post the week that was at the Smash Bros. Dojo. It might be old news to most (if you’re paying attention to the site), but informative nonetheless.

I’ll start at May 25. Pit was reintroduced on that update as the very forgettable character of the NES game Kid Icarus. Pit is basically Icarus, the character from myth that flew too close to the sun and melted his wax wings. Pit’s tale was a little different. Pit travels around a mythological setting, but it trying to restore peace to his land by defeating Medusa. He does so with his trusty bow and arrow. Which was the next update on the site.

May 28: Pit’s special moves were showcased. They are pretty much what you would expect if you knew anything about the game. He has his trusty bow and arrow which can bend in the direction you want it to. He also has wings, which can make him fly for a short period of time, more than likely useful when falling.

May 29: This update was the creme of the crop. This showcased a little more about the idea behind the Final Smash. Apparently, the game will feature a new item called the Smash Ball. If you grab it during a fight, it will unleash a Final Smash. The only one shown so far is Mario, which shows him going berserk and sending fireballs all around the screen. It says that it can only be used once per fight, but what that means remains to be seen.

May 30: This was just a “How To Play” update. It showed Wario carrying a Super Scope and firing it around. Simple, really.

May 31: New item time. I won’t even go into how badly they named it, but it is called the “Cracker Launcher”. The item will send a well placed Firework at your opponent, doing what Fireworks are good at and that is exploding. The launcher can be launched up into the sky or down at the ground, so a well placed firework could definitely go a long way.

June 1: The first real location update was the first update of June. Delfino Plaza will make an appearance in the game.

While these are just tidbits, you can still check out Smashbros.com and look at the items and more descriptions of everything, as well as screenshots.

So, once again, this will occur weekly, sometime on the weekend. It seems that Nintendo is only updating on business days, so that seems like a good timeframe.

Source: Smash Bros. DOJO!

Smash Update 1 Jun 2007 6/1/2007 James