I found these nifty little things that you could probably use at your next party.

I initially found these coasters at 4cr, but they found them at The Last Boss. Nonetheless, they are video game coasters, made by a user that goes by OneChordWonder. He makes these out of those wonderful beads some of bought when we were younger (not myself, though). They are pretty amazing, to say the least.

So, a few links to hand out. You can buy these at his Etsy shop page, but he seems to only make one at a time, so if you want it, you’re going to have to jump on them. They are pretty inexpensive, so you can dish out the $5 for it. He has a blog that he posts new things for sale periodically at Blogger. If you want to check out previous sales and other things he’s made, you can check out his Etsy history. That is all.

Video Game Coasters 5/30/2007 James