Even though it is now running on 6+ months since the release of Twilight Princess, here is one reason to avoid Gamestop.

In an effort to drive away business (it would seem), Gamestop has decided to show the ending of Twilight Princess in their stores on their TV “network”. That’s right, folks, if you walk into a Gamestop or an EB Games, you will see the ending to TP.

On my runs around the internet tonight, I found a lot of Interesting News about Gamestop, so I am not completely surprised now about them doing this. Those two links, of course, are to point out that Gamestop games aren’t “new” and that Gamestop has been calling people’s phones and asking them to trade-in their copy of Twilight Princess.

It gets better. This story originated on the GameFAQs message boards and the person claims that Twilight Princess won’t be the first game to be spoiled, nor will it be the last. Gamestop plans on spoiling a new game each month.

Hey kids, I just saved you $50 a month. Where is my reward? (end sarcasm)

Source: Joystiq