Why in the heck would I be posting something about the beloved gaming webcomic, Penny Arcade? You’ll find out inside.

As posted in their most recent newspost, Gabe posted a few pictures on his post that would make any true Nintendo fanboy wet himself.

Apparently, Nintendo went ahead and basically made every sick child’s year this year. If you are privy to the internet and Penny Arcade, you know of Child’s Play, the charity both Tycho and Gabe (the alter egos of Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik) set up and run annually. The premise of the charity is to have the gaming community give back to hospitals with sick children all over the world. Gamers basically buy and give children toys and games out of charity. It isn’t just gamers, though, it’s the gaming community in a whole. That’s where that pile of DS’s and games comes in.

Apparently, Nintendo sent them all of those DS’s and games to send out to the hospitals around the world. Needless to say, I am conflicted on whether or not to be happy for those children or jealous Nintendo didn’t send me those. However, it is a good cause and makes kids happy, that’s all I need to say.

Source: Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade and Nintendo? 3/21/2007 James