Just to prove we are still alive over here, it’s a small bit of news for the not-so-distant future.

If you have been living under a rock during GC 2006 in Germany, then you missed that Nintendo is planning another conference on September 14th. No one knows the details of the conference, but many speculate that the release date for the Wii and it’s price will finally be announced. This will finally give us a date to wait for until Twilight Princess is ours.

Also, The Hylia posted this a while back, but it was confirmed by 1up and IGN recently, so I think I’ll bring it up again. Nintendo is planning a “Wii Ambassador” program, where some of the top people in the press (or whatever they selected, which includes TSA from the Hylia) get to invite some close friends to play the Wii with them. Also, the ambassadors themselves received a Coral or Onyx DS Lite, weeks before it’s expected release. Unfortunately, no one at ZU was picked (to my knowledge), so if you were hoping to get in with our ticket, we don’t have one.

That’s all I have for now. Yes, we are alive, it’s just been a very, very slow news month for Zelda. Nothing new has really been released to spark any interest. Hopefully, I find a picture for Sunday Highlight and post that again. Now I’m just rambling.