James again doing the mailbag this time. It’s a small one, but you don’t mind that, do you? Send more questions to us, to see your answer here. That’s all I got for now.

zelda_012 writes:
hey everyone does anyone know where i can play the legend of zelda on line. i want to play the origional one. please if anyone knows let me know

James writes:
I can’t really say there are any sites on the net that allow you to play the original game for free. Places like Gametap charge you to play the games online. ROMs are illegal and therefore we can’t recommend you in that direction either. Your best bet would be to go to a place like Gamestop and pick up the Classic NES series version of the game. It’s the same game, just for your GBA. Hopefull, you have one of those.

Mattie writes:
What is your estimate of when Twilight princess will be out?Just wondering because im a HUGE Zelda fan.Plus my mom is buying me Twilight princess when it comes out.

James writes:
You can estimate the game will be out sometime before Christmas 2006. There is no definite date yet, other than Fall 2006. At E3, it was announced that it will be a wii launch title, which is also slated for a Fall 2006 release. Not much is known other than that.

Connor writes:
Hey, first time submiting in the mailbag!

Well, I’m not sure this is true, but… I think that Miyamoto “Put” himself in the game. I mean, as the mask man. You know, he is the guy who starts all of the trouble in the game with majoras mask, and Miyamoto is the one who started all of zelda. Maybe it was just a coincidence. But to me it sort of looked like him. Whats your opinion on this?

James writes:
Wiki thinks that as well. I thought I had read somewhere that Miyamoto tried to model Link after himself (which the most obvious being Wind Waker.) I haven’t seen any confirmation online or anywhere for that matter. After relooking at the Mask Man, the face does look a little similar. Think about it, wouldn’t you put yourself in your own game 😉

Majoras mask 12 writes:
on zelda the minish cap after u beat the game and u can play it again does the hat still talk to u.

P.S you guys and girls rock

James writes:
The hat will still talk to you. When you go to replay your file that you have beaten, it should bring you back to the last point you saved. Which possibly is right outside Vaati’s door, if you saved there. Therefore, you’re “knowledge” of what Elzo looks like isn’t there yet.

Alaina writes:
I am your biggest fan ever! I will probaly be e-mailing you every 3 days if I have time. Please tell me everything about Zelda like whats coming out and stuff.

James writes:
I don’t think you’re the biggest fan ever, that title is usually up for debate for anything out there. However, I can’t tell you everything about Zelda in this mailbag, but you can view around our site more to find as much Zelda information you could hope for. For releases, we are waiting for the much anticipated Twilight Princess, as well as Phantom Hourglass.

George writes:
I think that they should make an Ocarina of Time DS instead of Phantom Hourglass, some how I think it would be a big hit if they did it.

James writes:
Unfortunately, I am one of those who thinks they shouldn’t. They are essentially beating a dead horse by re-releasing Ocarina of Time over and over again. They have it once on N64, twice (three if you count Master Quest) on Gamecube, and more than likely on the Virtual Console for the Wii. Phantom Hourglass will hopefully be a nice addition to the story of Zelda, we’ll just have to wait and see for that later this year.