With E3 ending today and still not much known about TP, we will finish off our coverage with some small details about the Wii.

Although Iwata skimmed over the details at the Nintendo Conference three days ago, during E3, more information about the Wii Virtual Console were released. A demo of the service was shown at the Expo, with some interesting details shown about it.

The few details that were released were that the games used from the service would use the Wii Classic Controller. The controller, which looks like a sleek SNES controller, features two analog joysticks, an A, B, X, and Y button, and two shoulder buttons. It also features two additional buttons on the side of the shoulder buttons. It also features a start and select button in the middle, with an additional home button, which may be used to quit the game.

From this screen, it is shown that the console will use NES, SNES and N64 games, along with Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx 16 games. Whether or not these are the limited number of systems that will be available will remain to be seen.

Some of the detail yet to be determined are how the service will work and the price of the games. Although they had a demo at E3, it was limited to a game per system and was set up in the Wii. More details should be expected from Nintendo in later days.

I think that’s all for now from E3 this year. Many were shocked over Twilight Princess being released on dual systems, the graphics, and the gameplay. Many were equally shocked that we still do not know the exact date we will play the game. Hopefully, Nintendo will finally ease our pain in days to come.

One more thing before I close this update. TSA, from The Hylia, hinting talking with the man himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. TSA attended E3 this year and was able to demo TP before any of us. He also made his speed run presence known by sequence breaking the demo. Be sure to check out any information he found out from Miyamoto.

E3 has come and gone for another year. But stick around for ZU. There is still more information to learn about Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Super Smash Bros., and the Wii itself, and we will report any breaking news as it hits.