Small update about the Wii. IGN recently interviewed Takahashi Tezuka, Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development’s general manager, about the Wii WiFi. Inside are the details.

In the interview, it was revealed that Wii’s WiFi will play the exact same way as the DS. It will also implement the Friend Code feature that DS users have grown accustomed to as well.

Takahashi Tezuka: Well, the Wii Wi-Fi Connection works the same as the Nintendo DS one. It’s the three qualities that we emphasize. It’s easy, safe and free.

When asked how similar it would be to XBOX Live, the online service provided by Microsoft’s XBOX, he said it would differ depending on the software loaded in the Wii.

It seems that some games might implement a “lobby” type system of playing games, when it comes to the Wii. Tune into Zelda Universe for more up-to-date information