Official Legend of Zelda Soundtracks

We’ve scoured the internets for every Zelda soundtrack we could find, just so that we could share it with you. While it was a painstakingly difficult hunt for us to gather up everything we offer you today, we’re hoping that those efforts will not go to waste. Enjoy the soundtracks!

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Zelda Reorchestrated (ZREO) Albums

ZREO, or Zelda Reorchestrated, is a project that began in 2004 with the mission of recreating all of Ocarina of Time’s music with a realistic sounding orchestral synth set. Since then, the project has grown astronomically – the talented group of transcribers and media experts have created over a dozen semi-complete albums, orchestrating select tracks from every Zelda game to date. Unfortunately – in 2013 – ZREO closed down (though you can still visit their site here.) but their legacy lives on in the fantastic music they made.

Zelda Universe is proud to mirror their content which you can download below.  Please note that some people have had trouble opening these files (the larger ones in particular). If you experience any difficulties you can download the albums and discs individually or you might want to search the internet for the available torrent files of the same albums.

ZREO Complete Archive

Every ZREO album ever released, in one giant ZIP file. Click here to download the ZREO Complete Archive.

Twilight Symphony

ZREO’s massive kickstarter project that resulted in a three-disc fully-orchestrated reimagining of Twilight Princess‘s musical score. Click here to download Twilight Symphony.

Twilight Symphony is also available in three disc downloads, in case the above link doesn’t work for you:

Other Albums

The rest of the ZREO bunch.