Triforce Tributes: We picked our winning Zelda memories
by on February 6, 2017

We’ve chosen the ten winning entries from our memories of Zelda week of Triforce Tributes. Each of our winners will receive a selection of three special 30th anniversary artworks thanks to Nintendo Australia.

It is incredibly difficult to choose just ten winners out of the hundreds of submissions we received. So many of you were worthy, but we could only choose ten! As a result, tomorrow we’ll be featuring some more of our favorite memories that we feel deserve honorable mentions. But that’s for tomorrow; today, let’s reveal our lucky winners!

Mike Westfall

I got Majora’s Mask in college and played it every night. Eventually a friend who lived with me started watching me play. It became our daily routine. I’d come back from the library and he’d be across the hall, waiting. “Zelda?” “Zelda.” He ended up watching me finish the entire game, completing all the little Bombers’ Notebook side quests. That made the end of Majora’s Mask so great. It showed what happened to everyone you went out of your way to help, but you had to earn each ending scene. We helped two secret lovers find each other and arrange their marriage. Then we saw their wedding. We saw Anju in her dress from Kafei’s point of view, now restored to his adult height. Then my roommate started crying. Then I started crying. Two grown men were crying at a wedding in a video game. It’s still my favorite ending in any video game I have ever played.

Ellen Martin

My favourite memory is having a day off school, carefully unpacking my older brothers Nintendo 64 and plugging in Majora’s Mask while he was at school. Majora was one of my first Zelda games (I was 6). I’d start playing under his file but never allowed to save it as he’d know I’ve touched his possessions. During one particular day, I found my way down to the Deku Palace and entering the maze. No matter how many times I got caught from the stick moving Link a little too much whilst hiding, I persevered and eventually got through the maze to the monkey! By this time, half a day passed and he’d be home soon. I carefully packed it away exactly as it was when he left!

Tana Menlove

When I was about 11 years old (2007) was the first time I played Zelda. The game was Twilight Princess for the GameCube. My mother and step-father weren’t the greatest couple, and would fight by screaming. My step-brother would sneak me into his room to play Zelda, so that I wouldn’t hear the yelling. We would blast music and play Zelda for hours. It made us bond and it made me happy. It made me fall in love with Zelda. I still find myself playing the game whenever I’m sad or upset because the game makes me happy and reminds me that you can find happiness in dark times. Twilight Princess is still my favorite game out of the series but I am a huge fan to this day. I cried when I saw the trailer for Breath of the Wild!

Amy Robinson

When I finally owned GameBoy Classic the second game I played was Link’s Awakening, and the story just moved me. Years and a few Zelda games later, I got the courage to cosplay as Link, making my own costume and props (also learnt how to use a sewing machine) mainly through trial and error and teach myself how to play the ocarina. I’m quite a big girl so for me this took a lot of courage as I had very low self-esteem. Now I can wear my costume travelling to and from the event and I have no shame in saying look at me I’m proud of who I am. No one has ever criticised my costume or me. Photos and questions on how I made some things however have been asked which obviously gives me a boost. To this day Link’s Awakening has a very special place in my heart.

Tara N

I was 6 years old when I started playing Ocarina of Time. I was a shy, timid girl who was still leaping into bed at night because of monsters underneath. However, obsessed with ponies and seeing my elder brother ride Epona across Hyrule, I just HAD to play OoT. My favorite memory was my first encounter with a Wallmaster. There I was, wearing bright teal shorts, a flowered shirt, and a pink bow in my hair slowly working my way through the game. A giant shadow and the sudden grab of a dark, scary hand frightened me enough to turn off the N64 that instant and sob my eyes out. The difference between reality and imaginary is a tough one for some youngsters and I was no different. After a short time, I knew if I didn’t brave this challenge, I might never play again. So, I wiped my eyes, blew my nose, and after straightening my bow, I turned the game back on. Even now, I still think back on that moment when I’m faced with life’s hurdles. It’s my favorite because that was the moment Zelda taught me the true meaning of bravery and determination.


My favourite Zelda memory actually happened today. On my backpack I have two pins of the Triforce and a girl today stopped me to say she liked my pins. I then asked her if she plays Zelda and she said yes and we ended up eating lunch together. I could not be any happier as I never had a friend who played Zelda till now. I also found out she was in the same program as me at school and now we became really good friends. We both fangirled together about BotW, and both of our favourite Zelda game so far is Wind Waker!! I’ve always been thankful for the LoZ games for being a way to escape reality and relax (even though all those puzzles stress me out lol) but I never thought it would also be a way to make new friends. I will forever and always be the biggest fan of LoZ ♡♡♡

Marc Porter

My daughters have all grown up watching me play Zelda. A couple of years ago, I started playing through Skyward Sword again. My then 8-year old daughter was fascinated and wanted to learn, so I taught her. She quickly picked it up, got pretty good, and it grew into a great bonding experience between us. Flash forward to Christmas that same year. I had been on military deployment for three months already when I received a care package from my family. I opened it to find, among other things, a Link plush and a note from my daughter. She had used her own allowance money to buy me Link as a gift, along with a matching Zelda plush for her to keep at home. She wrote that every time she looks at Zelda she’ll know I’m thinking of her, and that every time I look at Link I’ll know she’s thinking of me. I teared up. I slept next to that plush every night, until a few months later when Link and Zelda were finally reunited. They still sit next to each other every night, and it will forever be the best present I ever got.

Brian Wilson

Skyward Sword came out my freshman year of college. With only a bike, I was determined to get my hands on the special edition day 1. I woke up at 6:30am and biked 5 miles to the nearest GameStop; line was out the door; by the time I was at the counter they had sold out. Only other semi-realistic option was a mall 10 miles away. I called and they had it. I started but blew a flat tire 8 miles in but was not giving up. Ran with backpack a full 2 miles to find mall GameStop had also sold out. Final option was GameStop on major highway in a different state 30 miles away. Clerk said he’d hold it for me if I could arrive in an hour. I called a taxi, told him to book it. At the end of the day it was a $100.00+ cab ride, broken down bike tied to a random tree on a hill, sore back from a 2 mile sprint with a book bag on, 6 hours, and $60.00 for that game, and I would do it again in a heartbeat for the joy that Zelda games bring me every time.

Alex Truswell

I remember as a much younger child playing Link’s Awakening DX. I played it almost every day, but could never get through Bottle Grotto, with the Pol’s Voice puzzle (having no manual or Internet, I had no clue what the Pol’s Voice was!). It was an honestly amazing moment of triumph when I finally managed to complete the puzzle and ultimately the dungeon! While I honestly have a load of memories from the game, such as Bow Wow the Chain Chomp, or playing the crane game for the Yoshi Doll, my best memory is the feeling of accomplishment I got by receiving the Conch Horn at the end of the dungeon knowing I had poured a load of hours into the dungeon and its puzzles and had eventually come out victorious! Definitely my best Zelda moment!

Rachel DeWitt

The Wind Waker came out in 2003 when I was 4 years old and it has been my absolute favorite game ever since. Most of my drawings are copies from the game, all of my instruments are names after Wind Waker characters, and best of all… my alter ego all these years has been Tetra! Everything about me is Tetra – My nickname is Tetra, my whole family is my band of pirates, my room is pirate ship themed, and I even have made up cosplay pictures of me as Tetra from when I was little. More pirate than princess here! No matter how many wonderful Zelda games are created, Wind Waker will always remain near and dear to my heart!

Congratulations to all of the winners! Each of you should have received an email from us with the subject “Zelda Universe Triforce Tributes: Zelda Memories.” If you’re one of the winners mentioned above and haven’t received this email, please contact us at from the email address you used to enter the competition. If you’re still interested in joining our celebration, this week we’re looking for Zelda cosplay and crafts, and you can see the main Triforce Tributes announcement post to find out what’s coming for the following week.

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