Triforce Tributes: Honorable mentions for Zelda crafts and cosplay
by on February 21, 2017

Yesterday we revealed our ten winners out of the many Zelda cosplay and craft submissions for Triforce Tributes. It was difficult to narrow it down to just ten, and so naturally we ended up with a lot of favorites that we couldn’t quite squeeze into our list of winners. As a result, we want to share a few more amazing selections from our gallery.

If we didn’t pick yours, it doesn’t mean it escaped our notice. We loved every single entry we received, and we thank you for submitting them and being a part of the celebration. But now, here are our honorable mentions.


Awww, isn’t it cute?! This little plush Imprisoned is the most adorable thing, made all the cuter because it’s Skyward Sword Zelda cuddling it and protecting it from harm. Seriously though, this mix of both cosplay and crafting is really impressive, and it definitely brings back good memories from Skyward Sword.

Merkku Sovijärvi

Twinrova isn’t a cosplay you see all that often, and Merkku makes the character sing. We thought that the representations of both the hair and the wands of fire and ice were incredibly creative, as is the headdress sporting that gigantic red and blue jewel.


Ultimamog sent in a picture of this rather unique clock that pays tribute to the first twelve Zelda games and serves the practical purpose of telling the time. What better way to tell someone the time by suggesting that it’s half past Majora o’clock?

Tatasenko Mana

This photo of Tatasenko sporting a Link cosplay from Breath of the Wild… really, what can we say about it that the photo doesn’t speak for itself? Link here is living the adventure out in the Wild and sporting a rather explosive arrow. There’s some great detail in this outfit, and Link’s expression tells us that he means business.


These little ornaments of Princesses Zelda and Hilda from A Link Between Worlds are absolutely adorable. We can just picture hanging these from a Zelda-themed Christmas tree one year to add some Zelda to the festive holiday!

Isabel Hines

Speaking of Princess Hilda, Isabel went and made a complete costume for her, and it really spoke to us. There’s some serious emotion in her portrayal of the character, and she pulled out all the stops by adding those fine touches: red-eye contacts, golden adornments, and that staff with that upside down Triforce, the last of which with the sun shining through it is a work of photographic art.


ArcanaLegacy wanted to show that she doesn’t just dabble in cosplay and crafting but does a fair bit of both! Whether it’s papercraft, sculpting, or cosplay, ArcanaLegacy shows she’s a big Zelda fan in oh so many ways. We particularly liked her Sheik cosplay!


What parent couldn’t be prouder when their child asks to dress up as a well-loved video game character? This portrayal of Young Link from The Wind Waker is absolutely adorable. We hope that this Link will get the opportunity to go out and have many grand adventures.


While this Bomb Flower looks a little more solid and, well, breakable than their organic lookalikes from The Wind Waker, this creation is absolutely stunning and certainly would be an excellent prop for anyone portraying the Hero of Time. And of course, Miss Emma is only able to hold this up thanks to that strength-imbuing Goron Bracelet.

Stephanie Cusumano

Our own staff member Stephanie’s spirit animal must be a rabbit as she pulls off this Ravio costume from A Link Between Worlds in expert form. That little smirk at the corner of her mouth just seems to suggest that, one day, she might break into our houses, set up shop, and start selling us all her wares at an exorbitant markup.

Link Hero

This photograph looks so stylized that it could very well be a brilliantly crafted digital art piece, but the photo is absolutely real! (Okay, maybe except for the floating fairy.) This rendition of Ocarina of Time‘s protagonist is stunning and actually nearly replicates a piece of official artwork that Nintendo created to show off the original Legend of Zelda game. Stunning work, Link Hero!

David Johnson
David Johnson, a.k.a. "The Missing Link," was once the webmaster of both Zelda: The Grand Adventures and ZeldaBlog. He works as a software engineer in the games industry. David also pontificates about Zelda, writes features and guides for ZU, and obsesses about CD-i.