Triforce Tributes: Our winning Zelda crafts and cosplay
by on February 20, 2017

It’s time to announce our favorite picks from the crafts and cosplay submitted to Triforce Tributes, our fan-based celebration to wrap up Zelda’s 30th anniversary. These winners will each receive a set of art prints thanks to Nintendo Australia.

We were blown away by the submissions that we received, and we encourage everyone to check out the gallery to view them all. Unfortunately, we could only choose 10 to win prizes, and we had an incredibly difficult time choosing from all the entries, but we feel each of these winners captures the passion of being a Zelda fan. We’ll highlight some more entries that we loved as honorable mentions tomorrow.

Natasha Iwashkiw

We were immediately drawn to the intricate armor that Natasha created for her Goddess Nayru costume. In the Zelda games, we don’t actually get to see Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, in person as a character. Instead, she is mentioned in stories or represented using icons. Natasha has therefore needed to use a lot of creativity when designing her costume, and there’s something about the result that feels very natural. The blue colors, the long hair, the regal and detailed armor, and the fact that she uses a bow, just like Princess Zelda, who carries the Triforce of Wisdom.

Hayley Manning

This picture took us all back to our earlier years – at least those of us who have ever dressed up or picked up a sword and pretended to be Link. We’re willing to bet that some of you reading this have, in the past, also dressed up in a green shirt, found some sort of green hat, and picked up a sword, and then proceeded to feel so very heroic as you saw yourself like Link. We all remember how awesome that felt, and thank Hayley for bringing those early days of fandom back..

David Smithson

You can tell that this Toon Link figurine isn’t store-bought, but it’s an incredibly impressive handmade effort. It has just the right amount of detail to bring Link to life, and the display stand ensures that he’ll proudly stand as a one-of-a-kind feature on David’s shelf.

Mythril Arts

There’s something incredibly arresting about this image of Mythril Arts cosplaying as Ganondorf. Those yellow eyes transfixed us in their gaze as Ganondorf’s hand beckoned us and entrapped us in command. Both the costume and the pose truly resemble Ganondorf to a T, so we couldn’t pass this one up.


When we talk about “Zelda shirts” we’re usually referring to t-shirts, but this map of Hyrule shirt is perhaps the coolest Zelda shirt we’ve ever seen. The map from A Link to the Past translates into a surprisingly good fabric design with its coordinating greens, blues, and browns. A few of our staff members want to know where they can get theirs!


How awesome is it to have your own custom suit of armor? And how amazing is it to have been handmade? That’s probably the most compelling piece of this ensemble, but the props and pose are spot on. We just hope rinkujutsu doesn’t run out of rupees or else it’ll be a long hike out of the snow!


This Triforce creation not only bears the Hylian crest and printed versions of the three spiritual stones but also contains LEDs that light up when powered. It may not be the most perfect craft out there, but you can tell that a lot of love went into this, and the Zelda pride shines brightly.

Adrián Akellyz Aroche

Adrián version of Rutela from Twilight Princess floored us. While there are embellishments on the original design, we can’t help but feel that this might have been how Princess Rutela would have looked had she been less ghostly in the game. It’s always a thrill to see a lesser known character get such an amazing treatment.


Vonturtle told us that she made this plush Kokiri Sword and Shield for her son Todd, and now he thinks that he’s got the coolest mom in the world. And we would agree! Those would make excellent playtoys, and we’d be absolutely in love with our moms for that. Of course, Todd is now asking for a Master Sword and Hylian Shield; maybe that’ll happen when he’s a little older.


This Puppet Zelda is simultaneously beautiful yet absolutely terrifying. If looks could kill, well, we would have feared for the photographer’s life. This really is a beautiful dichotomy of the elegance of a princess yet with the horrifying menace of being possessed underneath.

Congratulations to the winners! You’ll soon be able to add some special 30th anniversary art prints to your collections. You should all have received an email by now with the subject line “Zelda Universe Triforce Tributes: Crafts and Cosplay.” If you haven’t received it, please contact from the same email address that you used to submit your photo.

Shona Johnson
Shona is one of Zelda Universe's webmasters and has been running Zelda fan sites since 2001. She's an aspiring fantasy author, an avid reader and gamer, and loves bringing her favorite characters to life through cosplay.