While I’m not really big on shipping, if you’ve seen my Valentine’s Day articles for the past few years, you’ll know that I do have a soft spot for ZeLink (so if ZeLink isn’t your cup of tea, this is not the article for you!). As an adult, I still enjoy this pairing, but during my childhood, this being my first “OTP”, I would obsess over the idea of these two getting married after the game’s ending. I even began to write my own sequel to Twilight Princess with a time skip in mind and a few new characters involved in the mix.

Yuga’s Art Gallery is a series in which we highlight our favorite artwork from The Legend of Zelda community, as well as some official artwork from the franchise from time to time. Zelda is a series that is constantly changing its style, and after over 30 years of evolving and shifting its visuals, it continues to inspire endless ways for artists to interpret their favorite characters and moments.

One of my favorite things to do when I found a fictional couple that I liked was to imagine what their kids would be like. I’d sit there and draw up their designs and make up their personalities, kind of like how I do that now with my own original characters for the stories I write. I guess this was the beginning to that! Well, as I said, Twilight Princess was my absolute favorite game and I wanted a continuation involving Link and Zelda’s future children, so I made six of them. That’s right. Six. Yeah, it’s kind of a lot, but to be fair, I came up with this number because the way I envisioned the “game” was that Link would have to travel to different dungeons accompanied by each child. It’s a good thing at the time I thought six dungeons would be a lot!

I wrote up the first chapter, and then gave up and ditched the concept sometime later. In my defense, I had just finished a sequel to the Tellius games of Fire Emblem. Yeah. I wrote an entire, very-cheesy-and-not so-great Fire Emblem sequel.

Getting to the point, about 10 years since then, I went back and revisited these designs after playing Breath of the Wild and thought, hey, I could draw these better now. So I did. However, instead of making them all Twilight Princess related, I decided to spread out each child to belong to a different incarnation of Link and Zelda and (attempted to) mimic the style of each game’s art. That being said, I was totally stuck on Skyward Sword’s style and there are only five of the six children, but I do hope you enjoy this little project of mine (not to be taken so seriously): the children of destiny!

Summer: Breath of the Wild

First up is Summer, the child of Breath of the Wild Link and Zelda! She’s got both her father’s looks and knack for adventure, which usually gets her into trouble.

This was the one that started it all. A previous sketch of her reminded me greatly of Link’s design in Breath of the Wild and I decided to do this project based on that. This and her rambunctious personality made me decide that this incarnation of Link and Zelda would be the best fit for Summer’s parents.

May: The Wind Waker

May is a sweet young girl who enjoys the simple things in life, but don’t let her appearance fool you — she’s no pushover! She’s not afraid to tussle if need be!

In the original sketches, she took after Zelda a lot more which, since it was Twilight Princess Zelda, had to be altered for The Wind Waker. Being that I’m not sure if she would inherit her mother’s “Zelda” or “Tetra” appearance, I wound up basing her looks a little more on her father.

Saroya: Ocarina of Time

This is Saroya, daughter of Zelda and the Hero of Time. Saroya constantly struggles between the life of a princess and the life of a knight. She desperately wants both, but may ultimately have to make a choice.

I think, by far, Saroya is my favorite of the bunch. In terms of her design, she was very easy to mix and match features from her parents (you can see it in just her hair alone). Her costume is also my favorite, and I’ve always had a fondness for her story, even back when I was just creating her as a tween. Back then, I drew a picture of her and Link fighting Morpha and I always think of that when I see Saroya, so I gave her more of an action pose where she’s taking the Master Sword, trying to get Link (and maybe Zelda too) to follow her to some sort of danger.

Gabriel: A Link Between Worlds

Upon hearing the stories of how his father saved not one, but two worlds, Gabriel is determined to be just as great as he was, if not better. He strives to perfect his swordsmanship and keep the peace that his parents have worked so hard for.

We have finally reached my only male child, Gabriel. The reason I only made one boy was that, because of the overabundance of female characters in past Zelda games, I thought it would be better keep to this theme. He also originally took after his mother’s looks, but given his story, I thought it more fitting to make him look more like Link. Maybe a little too much, actually. Yeah, this probably wasn’t my most original design, but I like his outfit.

Guinevere: Twilight Princess

Guinevere is a more reserved child, taking more interest in her books than the outside world. Though she often worries when her father leaves on a mission, she can never find herself brave enough to follow.

Guinevere is the one who looks most like her original design, which makes sense considering she stayed in the styling of Twilight Princess. She definitely looks more like Zelda, though I did give her Link’s eyes. I also thought it would be interesting for her to have an opposite personality to Link as well, being that she was brought up in the castle. Lots of stories flow through my head now that these story blocks have all been put into place!

And of course, Erika, the final, youngest, daughter was left out because I had not attempted to recreate the art style of Skyward Sword — Although you can see her concept art along with a side-by-side comparison of the original artwork I did around 2007. Yes, I truly must hate myself to show you the original, horrendous artwork I drew way back when, but it is Valentine’s day, the perfect time for self-loathing. Not on this website, of course, I have a little dignity left! (click the link above!)

Perhaps in the future, I’ll brave that challenge and truly complete the project, but until then, I’m glad that I was able to breathe new life into these concepts I had made so long ago. I tried new art styles that I wasn’t as comfortable with, improved upon the original designs, and brought a childhood dream of mine to life. Though these pieces of art aren’t perfect, I’m glad I made them, and I hope that these may inspire you to create your own characters, whether they be children of ZeLink, a different Zelda couple, one from an entirely different series, or your own unique characters for your own stories.