Valentine’s Day is here again, and though I usually use this as an excuse to talk about ZeLink, this year I thought I’d expand my horizons. Instead, I would like to share some fan art of other pairings as well as the hero-princess power couple.

The Legend of Zelda fans love to explore the relationships between characters. Whether it’s canonical or not, we can’t help but dabble into a few relationships we would like to see blossom, and many have expressed their love for them through art. Here are a few beautiful pieces of possible couples across the Zelda universe.

Link & Zelda, Twilight Princess

I have to write about at least one ZeLink piece, so we might as well tackle that one first. I chose this beautiful piece by Queen-Zelda because it holds precious memories for me. Although it’s an unpopular choice, my favorite incarnation of ZeLink is in Twilight Princess. As a youngster, I would always imagine these two getting married and visiting Link’s hometown. The artist gives Zelda a cute Ordonian outfit and shows the two relaxing underneath a tree, happy to be in each others presence.

Komali & Medli, The Wind Waker

Medli has always cared deeply for Komali. It’s believed that this may be more of a motherly affection as the young prince’s mother is never seen, but one detail always stood out to me as more of a romantic gesture: A single flower. When Medli leaves to fulfill her role as sage, Komali waits for her back on Dragon Roost with a flower that he yearns to give to her. Lortay shows us what it might be like when Komali is finally able to see the look on Medli’s face when he gives her a simple but lovely gift.

Zant & Midna, Twilight Princess

Returning to the theme of Twilight Princess, StellaB imagines what it would have been like if Midna and Zant had a relationship. Perhaps they were an item before Zant’s lust for power began? StellaB certainly gives a convincing piece of the two that makes them seem like they truly care about each other. The look on Zant’s face is truly precious (never thought I’d be saying that). If only he didn’t go power crazy.

Linebeck & Jolene, Phantom Hourglass

Linebeck and Jolene are an interesting pair, one with a history together that we learn more about with each encounter. Many believe their relationship to be a broken romance and even more long to see them reunite once again, including our next illustrator, KleeB. The artist gives us a more realistic depiction of the couple in a rather intimate scenario, giving off a strong Pirates of the Carribean feel. My hope is that this is a friendlier reunion once Linebeck discovers the courage within himself after the events of Phantom Hourglass.

Link & Malon, Ocarina of Time

I knew this was a pair that had to be featured, and when I saw this art by KristaDLee, I was the one falling in love! This piece is simply precious in every sense of the word. The joy in Malon’s face, complimented by Link’s bashful reaction is such a wonderful touch! Malon has finally found her prince and it’s clear to see she is living her happily ever after.

Link & Tetra, The Wind Waker

Yes, this is technically ZeLink, but Tetra’s a bit different than her other incarnations. Tetra is a tough, no-nonsense pirate who runs into Link through a series of unfortunate events. Through this, they become companions, eventually sailing off to explore the world and discover a new land that they can call Hyrule. BeagleTsuin gives us a glimpse into a romance that could have bloomed between them throughout their journies as Link catches Tetra off guard with a gentle kiss.

Link & Saria, Ocarina of Time

A pairing so beloved, yet destined to end in tragedy as Link is not a Kokiri and will one day grow up while Saria stays the same. This scene portrayed by RosaKiddy could merely be an interpretation of when the two dear friends bid each other farewell, but I see it as a sudden realization for Saria. Link doesn’t understand why she’s upset, but Saria knows they can never be. Still, she continues to love him, even as he grows old, only wishing happiness for him in years to come.

Ganondorf & Nabooru, Ocarina of Time

Yes, even the great king of evil has a special someone — well, maybe. While we are never given a clear answer to Nabooru and Ganondorf’s relationship before she rebelled, some, such as the artist kykywka, speculate that it may have been romantic. Perhaps he was even thinking of making her his queen at some point? Unfortunately, even if true, we know that Ganondorf’s heart forever belongs to the darkness, and the relationship was fated to end in disaster.

Ravio & Hilda, A Link Between Worlds


As Link is to Zelda in the light realm above, Ravio is to Hilda in Lorule below. Equally, he serves his princess, that is, until Hilda, desperate for her people, plans to steal the Triforce from Hyrule. Ravio finally works up the courage to confront her about her mistakes and the two live together in peace as Link and Zelda restore their Triforce to them with a wish. PinkPrincessBlossom portrays a relationship that may have bloomed shortly after, and they can enjoy this newfound harmony together forever.

Kafei & Anju, Majora’s Mask

Lastly, what kind of monster would I be if I didn’t mention Anju and Kafei — who are brilliantly brought to life in this gorgeous wedding scene by maiyue. Kafei, now returned to his adult state, is finally able to wed the love of his life, Anju. She is dressed beautifully, adorned with flowers, and has never looked so at peace. They exchange their vows as the festival continues, now safe from the falling moon, and begin their new life together.

There are so many more possible couples I could have included in this list, but unfortunately, I must end here. If you didn’t see your favorite here, please, I would love to hear which couple you love the most in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed the pieces chosen, and here’s wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at Zelda Universe!