In Nintendo’s most recent investor report, Zelda and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto touched on the status of the Super Nintendo World currently under construction at Universal Studios Japan. While he clarified that Nintendo could not speak about anything that has not yet been announced officially by Universal Parks & Resorts, Miyamoto assured that Nintendo is working closely with the company on development.

“Every effort is being made to advance preparations, and Universal Studios Japan is our top priorities, as is making sure we will be ready by the start of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020,” said Miyamoto in the report. “Osaka is close to Kyoto, so we check on the progress of the work frequently.”

Source: Nintendo/Universal Studios

Miyamoto also stated that construction of the Super Nintendo World attractions in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida won’t begin until after Japan’s opening. Other recent reports have confirmed that construction has at least been underway in Osaka since last year, but outside of this latest official report from Nintendo, little is known about the park’s actual progress. With the 2020 deadline looming not far in the distance, it’s difficult to confirm if the park’s production is on schedule or not.

Super Nintendo World, the first of its kind for Nintendo, was detailed in a 2016 press release, and the park’s official groundbreaking ceremony took place in June the following year. The release stated that the park’s goal is “to bring the characters, action and adventure of Nintendo video games to life within Universal theme parks” by offering expansive and immersive attractions based on the gaming giant’s most popular franchises. Hints of Hyrule have yet to be seen, but it’s unlikely Nintendo would avoid including one of its hardest-hitting franchises at some point down the road.

Watch the 2017 trailer below, and let us know what you think of the theme park idea. What Zelda attractions would you want to see implemented?