When I was a child, I inserted myself into the game world as I played through Ocarina of Time for the first time. It was a memorable experience for many reasons, as I felt a lot like the hero himself going on a grand adventure. When I encountered Princess Zelda for the first time after many failed sneaking attempts in the Castle Garden, I felt the weight of the game’s story in full force.

Ocarina of Time was first released in Japan on November 21, 1998. This month, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the most beloved games of all time. Two decades on, Ocarina of Time is still widely regarded as not only the pinnacle of The Legend of Zelda series but as one of the greatest achievements in video game history. Throughout Ocarina Month, we’re going to be looking back on the game that shaped childhoods, defined the action-adventure genre, and introduced a generation to how magical exploring a 3D world could be.

Medli’s Melodies is a series in which we choose our favorite songs from The Legend of Zelda franchise, or highlight a special piece of music from the perpetually creative fan community. Music has always such been such an integral component of Zelda games, and we’re here to celebrate that every week!

But, more than that, this was the first time I heard “Zelda’s Lullaby”. And that’s a moment I’ll not soon forget.

The moment I heard this remix of “Zelda’s Lullaby” from LindsayAnne Pepper, I was entranced. Titled “Child of Legend“, it’s a very slow and melodic take on “Zelda’s Lullaby”. A harp, bell, and piano can be heard throughout, and each one works in tandem to create a truly beautiful score. This remix was written to be a lullaby, and I think it does that job very well.

This is the kind of song where I can just close my eyes and lose myself in its beauty for a very long time. The harp and bell work well together, with the piano as an occasional backup, and all of them work in tandem to create something wonderful. The song itself is quite short, but it doesn’t overstay its welcome and ends when it needs to. I actually found myself repeating it a few times, as it works well as a repeatable track. This is especially impressive given video game music is often looped and, optimally, wouldn’t grate on you after listening to it for a long time.

“Child of Legend” is a song that I’ll no doubt come back to. It’s not only a wonderful lullaby, but also a fantastic tribute to one of my favorite themes in games. It shows a lot of love in its creation and it stands out, at least to me, as one of the best remixes of “Zelda’s Lullaby” out there.