Nintendo Switch owners will soon have the chance to play their favorite video games in three-dimensional virtual reality, thanks to a new headset which is invading the market.

The NS Glasses are an unofficial product by Canadian company Exklim. A statement on the product website declares, “This product is not designed, licensed, authorized, endorsed, manufactured or distributed by the Nintendo Corporation. Nintendo Switch is a trademark of the Nintendo Corporation. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.”

Preorders will open soon, and right now consumers can sign up through their email address to get 50 percent off.

As part of their commercial campaign, the creators made an image with the beloved Nintendo character Mario wearing the headset, published on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Viva Frei was the first YouTuber to test and demonstrate the new Nintendo Switch 3D/VR device.

It is highlighted that the product package does not include the Switch itself.

A post on theĀ Facebook page reads, “Immerse yourself into the world of Passive 3D! NS Glasses lens comes coated with Color Switching Technology tuned into a specific pattern that brings games to life, offering 18% perspective 3D Experience. Compatible with all current Games.”

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