The Nintendo Direct was shown today, and one of the more notable bits to come out of it came in the form of Diablo III information.

While showing off gameplay footage, including some that included the Ganondorf costume set in action, they announced that the game will come out on November 2nd. Coming with all previously released expansions and DLC, the game will retail for the standard $59.99.

The Direct also informed us that Diablo III will be amiibo compatible, which is not something I would have ever have guessed myself ever writing about. When you scan an amiibo, monsters will spawn on screen and are said to be difficult.

Challenging or not, however, the amiibo-spawn will be packing extra treasure for you to loot. No details have been announced as to whether certain Amiibo spawn certain monsters, so hopefully we’ll have more information on that in the future.

Source YouTube