Every company has its secrets. Since the dawn of time, Nintendo has been secretive about their games, consoles, and practices. As a result, fans have gathered and come up with a plethora of theories to answer questions that, very likely, would never get an official response.

What is Link’s second name? Did the Mask Salesman kill Mario? Does the Legend of Zelda series take place in the same universe as Star Fox? While we may never know about these, there’s one special question that finally got answered, ending years of fierce debates. Yes, we now know what is the correct pronunciation for Nintendo’s first family console: The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES.

Until today, many options existed: ‘Nez’, ‘Ness’, ‘Enn Eee Ess’, you name it. Yet, fans were never able to agree on a single pronunciation. Now, thanks to the newest entry in the Wario games, WarioWare Gold for the Nintendo 3DS, we know the truth:

There you have it, folks. “Ness”. I for one am a bit surprised, as I spent my entire life calling it ‘Enn Eee Ess’, but at least we can all sleep better knowing that Nintendo — perhaps unintentionally — put an end to an age-old squabbling.