In addition to their GameCube-Inspired Pro Controllers for Nintendo Switch, Hori has announced Mario- and Zelda-themed versions of their left D-Pad Joy-Cons.  Each left Joy-Con comes with a traditional Nintendo D-Pad in lieu of the separated arrow buttons and one of two designs, a gorgeous black-and-gold Zelda Joy-Con or a vibrant red Mario Joy-Con.

However, if you are looking to replace the separated buttons with a D-Pad, it is going to come at a hefty cost, as these Joy-Cons are missing a plethora of features that come standard with Joy-Cons. These excluded features include the gyro sensor, HD Rumble, Bluetooth, a battery, and the SL/SR buttons.  As a result, players will only be able to use these D-Pad Joy-Cons in handheld mode.

The Japanese peripheral makers are currently under scrutiny for the battery-draining issue that is currently plaguing their D-Pad Joy-Cons, but official word from the manufacturer is that the issue would be resolved prior to the controller’s released in the Western market in September.

Each of these designs are available for preorder for $25.00 and are scheduled to be released in the Western market this September.

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