In preparation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s release, HORI will be releasing three controllers for Nintendo Switch in Japan, all in that familiar GameCube style.

The three wired controllers, which connect via USB, include a choice of Super Mario, Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda designs. The pricing will be around $29/£22, though as a result, you won’t get features such as HD Rumble, an NFC reader or a gyroscope like you would with the Switch’s official Pro Controller.

The Wingcrest is subtly sported on the black, Zelda-themed button basher, while Mario’s traditional overall colors are reflected in his controller. Meanwhile, readers should be warned of how shockingly good the Pikachu design looks.

As you can see, transparency on one side provides a neat design aesthetic.

The controllers will be available this October for Nintendo Switch. There are currently no plans to release them outside of Japan.

Source IGN