Nintendo has brought its cardboard creative suite Nintendo Labo to a classroom at Southgate Primary School in London. The event that happened on June 21 was the first time Labo had been brought into the classroom in this capacity.

30 children between 10 and 11 years were chosen to attend this class with parents in attendance. The class, headed by school teacher Chris McGivern, demonstrated how the Nintendo Labo could bring out the children’s creative side while also complimenting the school’s curriculum.

The curriculum-focused lesson plan that Chris used was as follows: Using mathematical knowledge to ascertain position, direction, and movement of Nintendo Labo RC cars; exploring the technology behind Labo’s interaction with the Nintendo Switch; and using logical reasoning to predict the behavior of their Toy-Cons.

Could this be the start of Nintendo partnering with school programs to bring the Labo into classrooms? The child in me hopes so.

Source TnP