If you are someone who purchases most of your games digitally, then you have likely experienced issues with the limited space the Nintendo Switch offers. Expanding the 32GB of onboard storage with an added SD card does alleviate the issue a little, but you will struggle to find a card higher than 256GB, especially for a reasonable price.

Well, it looks like the capacity of SD cards is about to skyrocket, as the SD Association has announced new cards called SDUC (SD Ultra Capacity). Sifting through all their technical jargon, the basic details on these cards are that they can have a capacity of up to 128TB, which is enormous! Also, with the new SD Express standard, the data transfer rate now at a maximum of 985 megabytes per second on these new cards. For comparison, the older cards topped out at 100 megabytes per second.

Before you get too excited, these cards are still likely a few years out. You also have to consider that Nintendo will have to update the Switch compatibility with these new cards. Hopefully by the time these cards hit store shelves, the Switch will be ready.

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