It is not just Waluigi fans who have felt the sting of betrayal from Nintendo since the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate E3 showing. Yoshi has also fallen victim to the Smash Bros. hammer, though perhaps in a slightly less drastic fashion.

Just like Mario dropping Yoshi down a hole to his doom to make an impossible jump in Super Mario World, Nintendo have dropped the green dino from the German box art in order to make way for the USK rating. Although Pikachu was the one in the firing line, Nintendo have opted to remove Yoshi and move Pikachu up in the art, so as not to remove the iconic Pokemon character.

As a massive Waluigi fan, I feel your pain, Yoshi supporters. It should go without saying, but please don’t harass Sakurai over this Yoshi snub. What has been happening to him over the Waluigi mess has been deplorable enough, and embarrassing to the community as a whole.