One of the most memorable moments during my first adventure through The Wind Waker was the discovery of the Queen of Fairies. Being as it was my first ever Zelda game, there was a lot that surprised me throughout my journey.

I didn’t expect Jabun to be such a huge fish, I didn’t think that Tetra would actually be a princess in disguise, and I certainly didn’t know that the Queen of Fairies would be a child. She’s mysterious, powerful, and admittedly a little odd — which is why this reorchestration of her theme by the Synthetic Orchestra is so fitting for her!

Medli’s Melodies is a series in which we choose our favorite songs from The Legend of Zelda franchise, or highlight a special piece of music from the perpetually creative fan community. Music has always such been such an integral component of Zelda games, and we’re here to celebrate that every week!

I always loved how quirky the Fairy Queen’s rendition of the classic fairy theme was in the original game, but Synthetic Orchestra adds a whole new layer to the mystical sound of her theme. The track begins by softly playing the melody we all know, then progressively adds more instruments, strengthening the tune until it becomes a full-on waltz. It sounds so bizarre and entrancing, just like a fairy should be. I can almost hear the queen’s laughter as the piece goes on.

Hearing this beautiful reimagining of this song brings back such happy memories from my first journey with Link. This scene was always so sweet and endearing, as well as a little strange and vague. I really wish there was more done with the Fairy Queen, and fan pieces like this only make me yearn that even more so. Here’s to hoping we meet again in another adventure, your majesty!