Nintendo had fans in a full-on frenzy yesterday after the reveal of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a game which boasts the return of every fighter in the franchise’s history, along with a vast majority of its many stages. With a new Smash Bros. game on the horizon, fans have scoured the Internet in the hopes of squeezing out any and all information they can find about this new installment. It turns out these hunts have been fruitful, as a new Legend of Zelda stage has been discovered!

On the official Smash Bros. Ultimate website, each fighter displayed has part of a Smash Bros. Ultimate stage in the background. While most stages featured in the background of the fighter pages were revealed in some capacity during the 25-minute segment dedicated to Smash Bros. Ultimate yesterday, some of these background images incorporate stages that were not featured in the original presentation.

Close inspection of the background of Sheik’s fighter page reveals that the Gerudo Valley stage from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will make its way into Ultimate. Gerudo Valley draws inspiration from Ocarina of Time‘s locale of the same name, and was an exclusive to the 3DS version of last generation’s Smash Bros.

The inclusion of Gerudo Valley brings the count of Zelda-inspired stages up to a confirmed seven total joining the brand new Great Plateau Tower along with returning stages Temple, Great Bay, Bridge of Eldin, Spirit Train, and Skyloft.

Zelda fans will be happy to know their favorite franchise will be represented well in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when the game releases December 7, 2018.