As many of us expected, Breath of the Wild is reshaping much of The Legend of Zelda series’ look in the next installment of Super Smash Bros., and this time we get to battle in the latest version of Hyrule. Here’s a look at the stages we’ve seen so far:

Great Plateau Tower

A brand new stage in the form of the Great Plateau Tower takes us high above Hyrule, with Death Mountain and a Ganon-infested Hyrule Castle visible in the background. The stage is relatively small at first, but as the top of the tower takes damage it begins to crack and splinter before eventually giving way completely. A smaller platform appears to create additional surface area to battle on, but that too eventually disappears until the Tower uses Sheikah magic to rebuild itself.

Part of the ambiance, the Old Man can also occasionally be seen drifting into the frame with the Paraglider. Great Plateau Tower’s stage music is a new, beautifully orchestrated version of the Breath of the Wild main theme; very fitting for epic battles.

Spirit Train

The Spirit Train from Spirit Tracks makes a comeback in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This stage requires you to factor in the movement and dynamics of the train you battle atop, not unlike previous arenas (Big Blue, anyone?).

Little has been shown of this revamped version as of now, though the pesky Dark Trains do make an appearance once again. This time, however, they can cause the Spirit Train’s engine to split from the rest of it when they explode, leaving you stranded on the tracks if you’re not quick enough. Link, clad in his Royal Engineer uniform, mans the locomotive in the background and occasionally reacts to the events around him.

Great Bay

As predicted earlier today by Zelda Universe, Great Bay also returns as a playable stage in Ultimate, refreshed with updated graphics like the other throwbacks from previous titles. Rich greens and blues make up the foreground and background, with the ominous cursed moon looming in the sky above.

Not much else has been shown so far, but Great Bay will also feature Omega and Battlefield versions so players can pick and choose the style of battle centered in the land of Termina.

Other stage returns

While Skyloft, Bridge of Eldin and Hyrule’s Temple stage have not yet been officially confirmed for Ultimate, we caught glimpses of them in the initial trailer. It would appear that the graphics have been updated on those as well, so it’s safe to assume they will also be included.

Temple was a favorite for many since its debut in Melee, its large span and varied terrain ideal for setting up ambushes and perfecting your strategy. Bridge of Eldin in both Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4 had its own advantages because of its long layout and complete flatness, and Skyloft’s ever-changing settings made for an interesting challenge in the Wii U/3DS versions as contestants battled across Link’s Skyward Sword hometown. All were welcome additions to the Smash Bros. series, and the ability to revisit them in Ultimate would no doubt add to the melting pot that is the upcoming title.

Is there a certain Zelda stage you’re hoping to see? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out the other stages in the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer below.