Super Smash Bros. Ultimate featured heavily in Nintendo’s E3 Direct, and will be appearing heavily over the next few days on their Treehouse stream. Along with the character and stage announcements we have seen so far, we also got a peek at some of the gameplay features.

It seems one-on-one fights have been tweaked to play slightly differently than your typical Super Smash Bros. battle. Characters’ attacks deal more damage, serving to quicken the gameplay and add some more tension. Also, powerful moves such as Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch will cause a dramatic camera shift and slow-motion effect if it connects.

Directional air dodging is back in all its glory! Being able to direct your movement with a quick dodge was a much loved feature in Melee, so it is good to see it make an appearance in the Direct.

The Perfect Shield manoeuvre has been tweaked a little, seemingly making it a little harder to pull off. For those who don’t know, a Perfect Shield is done when you release the block button as an attack lands, which allows you to not weaken your shield and risk it breaking. The timing is now tighter this time around, meaning you have to be more precise when dropping your guard.

In timed battles, the player in the lead will flash occasionally, alerting everyone to which player they need to be wary of. This should prevent those who hide away and try to steal kills from getting away with their dirty move (which is totally a legitimate strategy!).

Edge guarding by grabbing onto the ledge as your opponent tries to get back to stage will remain a fruitless strategy, as the game will once again prioritize the new player who attempts to grab the ledge.

Dodging has been revamped, with a stacking penalty being introduced for those who choose to roll too much. The more rolls you do in succession, the lower the amount of time your invulnerability frames will be active. This will leave you vulnerable to attacks the more you roll.

These are the notable features that have appeared thus far. We still have plenty of Treehouse footage to come, so you can be sure that we will learn even more before too long.

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