Molgera has always been a highlight of The Wind Waker for me. The temple that holds him was perhaps the most frustrating dungeon in the game, but for that boss battle and brilliant music it was all worth it — and also Makar and how he jingles when he walks, but that’s another conversation for another day. I know it’s a debatable topic, but I think many of us can agree that this boss theme is amazing. I remember playing Molgera’s theme over and over when I got The Wind Waker original soundtrack, and have now discovered a truly epic cover of this piece by Theophany.

Theophany is great at setting up the scene before they begin the song. Listening to the first section of the track is like reliving my experience with the great sand beast. I can not say how happy I am that they actually included the intro as well as the main theme! Then it begins: the drums begin to pound. The low strings begin to hum. The suspense builds as brass and a choir is added to a strumming guitar. The monster emerges.

Not only do they create the setting, but they play out the entire battle! All the original bits they’ve added to this masterpiece make it feel like a score to a Wind Waker movie! The quieter moments make me envision Link trying to figure out where the sandworm will surface from the battlefield while the main melody creates the scene of Molgera leaping through the air, chasing our hero with its gaping mouth open as it tries to drag Link down under. Then you hear the final blow near the end — Link slices off the tongue of the beast and it turns to dust.

I’ve heard a fair amount of people say that they never really cared for this boss battle, and I can understand that. In terms of fighting, there technically wasn’t much to it. However, with music like this, it’s hard not to envision something truly amazing. Even as someone who has enjoyed this fight since my first time facing Molgera, I see it in a whole new light thanks to Theophany’s beautiful orchestration.