Fans of Breath of the Wild‘s aural delights and ambient musical accompaniments will be excited to hear that a special 5-CD original soundtrack box set has been revealed — though as with all desirable things, it’s currently planned for a Japan-only release. Set for release on April 25, and coming in at just under $50 USD, the collection includes quite a lot into its packaging.

In total, the 5-CD set will feature 211 songs and sound effects, including two songs not included in the game. A special first-print edition will also be released, though it will run you a little bit more at just under $70 USD. This first-print set will come with a special PlayButton music player pre-loaded with 15 field tracks from throughout the Zelda series and is adorned with Link’s classic 8-bit image. Additionally, a special clear file folder will be included, but like the other goodies will be exclusive to the upgraded bundle. You can take a look at the PlayButton and the special packaging for the first-run print below!

This collection will be released in special large-sized packaging, complete with a cardboard slipcase to store the set, making it an incredible addition to any Zelda shrine or game music collection. You can take a long, adoring gaze at some pictures of the standard edition soundtrack below!

Pre-orders for both the standard and first-print editions are available now through the official Colombia Music Shop website but will require a Japanese shipping address to fulfill the order.

Are you dying to get your hands on this collection? Leave a comment below and let us know if you’re hoping to import one for yourself!