When Nintendo unveiled details about their online service for the Switch, they announced the price point for the US, but we were told that pricing may differ for other regions. They have now revealed that the service will cost $5.95 per month or $29.95 per year in Australia, and $6.55 per month or $32.95 a year in New Zealand. A three-month membership is also available for AU$11.95/NZ$13.15.

The online service, referred to as “Nintendo Switch Online”, will launch in September 2018. The service will be required for online play of multiplayer games and will also offer access to a selection of classic titles with added online play every month. A smartphone app complements the service and can be used for connecting and chatting with friends.

In the US, the service will cost US$3.99 for one month, US$7.99 for three months, and US$19.99 for a year.

Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo’s biggest rivals in the home console space, have offered premium online services for years, but this will be the first time that Nintendo has done so. Their service is priced significantly lower than that of their rivals.

Online play will remain free until the service launches in September.