If you’re hoping to pick up some shiny new Joy-Cons, but you’re unsure what color scheme might best suit your tastes, worry not! Nintendo has a website with some new features which will allow you to test out various Joy-Con configurations to see what your potential pairing might look like!

While the site has been around for a few months, launching back in September 2017, an exciting new 3D viewer feature has been added for your color-planning pleasure! Users can now rotate the on-screen Nintendo Switch to get a glimpse of its glory from all angles. With this tool, you can examine what the Joy-Con will look like along with the system in handheld mode, separated from the console with mix-and-matchable wrist straps, or with both Joy-Con and wrist straps alongside the Nintendo Switch hardware.

The Nintendo Joy-Con Color Viewer tool is easy to use and will help you pick new colors for your console in a snap. Have you updated your Switch’s look to match your favorite outfits, or maybe even your own expressive personality?

Source Nintendo
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