The Switch has only been with us since March, a mere 8 months thus far, yet sales have been that impressive that Nintendo have decided to ramp up production of the popular hybrid console over the next year.

Throughout the duration of its lifetime, Wii U sold a meagre 13.5 million units since it launched back in 2012, while Switch has accomplished 7.5 million sales in the eight months since its launch (a figure that is likely higher considering this is the last count from back in October), meaning it is unarguably only a matter of time before Switch sales overtake Wii U sales.

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October sales figures, accompanied by the potential impact of Black Friday and Christmas, mean the next set of figures promise to make for some interesting reading upon their next release. The holiday season has provided further momentum for Nintendo, encouraging the decision to produce more of the high-flying Switch which will be great news for those on the lookout for the versatile machine.

With an improved marketing campaign, a more aesthetically pleasing console, a steady release of new games and a high-quality selection of arguably some of the best games ever made (Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild)already to its name, the Switch has set itself up for a bright and more promising future over its unclear predecessor. It’s a collective package that won’t disappoint and Nintendo have a healthy ambition in their sights of achieving success similar to the Wii with the Switch.

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