Fishing in Breath of the Wild can be a great way to farm invaluable ingredients that will help you on your journey. This week in “Tips from the Wild”, Hidemaro Fujibayashi has some extra information about an alternative approach to fishing which you might not have considered before.

It seems that fish are attracted to food items and will swim towards them, allowing you to catch the fish more easily. Certain types of ingredients will attract different fish. For example, a health-related fish, such as a Hearty Bass, will be attracted to food items which increase Link’s maximum hearts. There are some exceptions, so this won’t always work the same for every fish species in Hyrule, but it is worth experimenting to see what kinds of items will attract which fish.

Launching the game from this week’s “Tips from the Wild” update will net you a Voltfruit, Cool Safflina, and a Spicy Pepper which you can use to test out catching fish with food. Of course, if you don’t have ingredients to spare, you can always take my approach to catching fish. Simply toss a bomb into a body of water which, when detonated, will cause the fish to rise to the surface. Variety is the spice of life, as well as a defining feature of Breath of the Wild. The choices are yours, and yours alone!

If you’ve missed out on past “Tips from the Wild” updates, you still have time to catch up! Launching the game from each respective update will still present you with those items, so don’t feel too bad about claiming extras a few weeks late. Check out more of our coverage and you can learn how to take better selfies, give new life to those rusty weapons, and get yourself a snazzy new Fire Rod.