A new item was recently made available for use in Breath of the Wild through the Nintendo Switch’s “Tips from the Wild” channel. If you haven’t been keeping up with the service, “Tips from the Wild” is a channel in the Switch’s News section that will periodically distribute useful items to followers. Each update comes with tips directly from Breath of the Wild‘s director Hidemaro Fujibayashi which will help Link in his adventures around Hyrule.

This time, Link has been gifted a Fire Rod, useful for dispelling icy enemies, creating updrafts to reach higher altitudes, or just for messing with any napping Bokoblins near explosive barrels. The Fire Rod is also useful for raising Link’s body temperature when stranded in cold climates without cold-resistant food or warm clothing.

If you subscribed to the “Tips from the Wild” channel but haven’t been overly diligent with claiming the freebies, don’t worry. You can still claim items from previous updates by starting the game from their respective articles in the News channel. Let us know what gift you’ve found the most useful for your adventure.