Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi is back yet again with more “Tips from the Wild”. This time, players who follow the “Tips from the Wild” channel on their Nintendo Switch can look forward to receiving a Rusty Broadsword. It may seem underwhelming at first, sure, but there is an invaluable lesson to be learned here. With some help from an unexpected friend, you can have that sword restored to its former glory in no time!

This tip isn’t really about the sword at all, but rather its hidden potential. When in doubt, simply find a Rock Octorock. Once you’ve tracked one down, toss your rusted sword into its mouth as it inhales. After only a few seconds, the Rock Octorock will spit the sword back out looking just like the day it was forged. This tip also works with other rusted gear, so be sure to get those shields fixed up, too!

Perhaps if you’re up to your ears in swords, you might be interested in a free Fire Rod to keep yourself warm on your way to Selmie’s Spot with your newly revitalized shield. Let us know which “Tips from the Wild” gifts you have found most helpful in your adventure so far!