Nintendo continues to aggressively protect their franchises by issuing a copyright strike to well-known Super Mario 64 ROM hacker, Kaze Emanuar.

According to a story posted on Kotaku, just days after Kaze completed and released his Super Mario 64 multiplayer hack, Nintendo issued copyright strikes across a variety of accounts connected to Kaze, including YouTube and Patreon. The download link to Super Mario 64 Online was removed, as well as any videos on YouTube showing the ROM hack in action. Kaze has developed Super Mario 64 ROM hacks for a number of years.

Speaking with Jason Shreier at Kotaku, he stated, “They took down my videos for containing their ‘audiovisual content,’ meaning Mario 64 gameplay and Mario 64 music… They even took down videos without Mario 64 music too… The exact same goes for my Patreon. They didn’t personally message me, I only received a ton of emails that things had been removed from YouTube/Patreon (on Tuesday) morning. They seem to have targeted the ‘Super Mario 64 Online’ videos especially, as every single one of them has disappeared from my channel.”

Since the content was removed Kaze has yet to receive a formal cease-and-desist letter from Nintendo. Throughout most communities, Nintendo is notorious for being aggressive against fan projects and mods to their games. This has included some Zelda fan projects, such as the Zelda: Breath of the NES retro fan project and the Super Mario Maker-inspired Zelda Maker.

Since the news was published online, Nintendo has not yet responded to requests for comment.

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  • DHInc

    They took their time this time.

    • Jakejames Lugo

      Guess they waited a bit before striking, in case it got traction with fans.

  • Ulises

    I don’t really care, that mod was garbage anyways…

    • Jakejames Lugo

      Might’ve been a rough mod, but lots of people thought it was interesting.

  • Shallon Meade

    Seriously Nintendo needs to stop doing this. Seriously I hate to mention them but look at Sega & what they did with Sonic with Sonic Mania. They hired a bunch of mod/hacker of classic Sonic games & they put them together to allow them to make there own original Sonic game license through Sega. Pretty much a fan made Sonic game became an official Sonic game. They hired them cause they liked what they were doing as fans & was surprised by how good it was. By them letting them make an official Sonic game it sold really well & has received nothing but praises (which is a shocker for the Sonic series) by fans. What you are doing Nintendo is fighting against your fans & keeping them from making fan projects that can then extend the life of your games. I mean if you feel that bad about them making these game then hire them & cut them in & let them make the games on your platform. I know it’s scary Nintendo that fans can make sometimes a better game then your official development teams but that is not a bad thing cause as the case with Sonic Mania shows if you let fans make official game then you will make more money. Seriously stop cutting off people’s heads Nintendo for being fans of your games & wanting to extend their life.