If you missed the opportunity to pre-order a SNES Classic Edition at Best Buy, the electronics giant will have more units available in stores come September 29.

Nintendeal on Twitter has shared a flyer with the imperative news, confirming that tickets will be handed out to launch day line-ups, and you’ll have naught but three hours from the store’s opening at 10am to pick up your system.

As is often the case with items in high demand, Best Buy’s SNES Classics are one per customer,¬†though no numbers are known for each store’s average inventory. For comparison’s sake, Toys R Us will supposedly have an average of 30 systems per store at launch.

Pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition went live in late August and sold out everywhere they were open, including Best Buy. The retro system will cost you $79.99 USD when it launches in less than two weeks.