Good news everyone, Nintendo has announced that the NES Classic Edition will be returning to stores in the summer of 2018. The upcoming Super NES Classic Edition will also ship additional units for the September 29 launch, and will continue shipping into 2018 rather than just till the end of 2017 as originally planned. Nintendo cites “incredible demand” for the NES Classic as the reason for its second run. This reprint also applies to Europe, and Japan’s Famicom Mini is getting a restock too.

Launched last November and in perpetual short supply, the NES Classic Edition was discontinued worldwide in April, with Nintendo saying that it was never meant to be an ongoing product. Following its discontinuation, those wanting to get their hands on one have been restricted to scalpers on eBay or limited and expensive ThinkGeek bundles.

Only time will tell if more people will actually be able to get hold of the NES Classic and Super NES Classic. For fans of this site, the NES Classic contains 30 8-bit games including The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, while the Super NES Classic Edition includes 21 games including the all-time classic A Link to the Past and the never-released Star Fox 2.