A few days ago there were rumours that the latest restock of the NES Classic in Australia could be the last. Now today it was announced that throughout April retailers in North America will receive their final shipments of NES Classics.

During its short run the NES Classic was incredibly successful, but availability issues plagued it since day one. In a statement from Nintendo they apologized for the lack of availability, stating that they “understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system”. Nintendo went on to state that they “have paid close attention to consumer feedback” and appreciate the “incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.”

Nintendo is obviously aware of the positive feedback the console received, so hopefully this won’t be the last console like the NES Classic. Regardless it appears the legacy of the NES Classic will always be tarnished by its availability problems. To potentially avoid a life without a mini NES Nintendo encourages their fans to “check with retail outlets regarding availability”.

It’s sad news for many Nintendo fans, but the NES Classic has been a great console and a successful re-invigoration for an older system. Hopefully it’s an idea Nintendo tries again soon. For now, those of you who were able to snag an NES Classic should revel in its rarity — or turn a quadruple profit on its scarcity.

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  • Will

    “Hopefully it’s an idea Nintendo tries again soon.”

    With much better security software, that is. This version was hacked very early in its run, which is probably why it is being discontinued so soon.

  • somebodynow

    I live in eastern Canada, and have never even seen one in a store yet! Guess I never will. For that matter I have never seen a “Switch” in a store either.

  • Film Rewind

    Big Nintendo fan… but people should avoid this “mini” system until Nintendo decides to respect consumers. They could have easily made enough and even charged a reasonable price. But they didn’t! Instead they sold a hundred dollar system that’s worth thirty at most and realeased it in such limited quantities that people turned stupid greedy and sold them for three to five hundred dollars. Why do that to each other and why do with a product that even the most novice computer user could download… and even get more games?

  • Ulises

    “Hopefully it’s an idea Nintendo tries again soon” LOL!!!