Have you ever been trekking across the Gerudo Desert whilst playing Breath of the Wild and thought to yourself, “man, this visual representation of a sweltering, desolate wasteland is really making me thirsty?”Well fret ye no longer faithful readers, as the enterprising David Hensley has you covered.

The imaginative chap has 3D printed a Joy-Con grip complete with a cup holder in the centre! No longer must you cease playing in order to refresh yourself, just equip a straw and voila! Fend off the forces of Ganon whilst taking a sip of your favourite beverage. Though you might want to avoid using it whilst playing Splatoon 2 — motion control aiming could result in somewhat of a mess.

Check out the “Joy-Cup Grip” (I’ve just christened it so. Or maybe “Sippy-Con” is better?) in the video below!

Source YouTube