The Japan Expo has become a highly anticipated yearly event for fans of Japanese art, video games, music and anime. A highlight of this year’s Expo was the Art of The Legend of Zelda Series panel, where a panel (including Eiji Aonuma and Satoru Takizawa) discussed the art throughout the Zelda series. A video of the event was uploaded soon after the panel finished, and now official English subtitles are available for the video too.

The panel also takes a few minutes to discuss the new upcoming Champions’ Ballad DLC for Breath of the Wild. Adeline Chetail, who voiced Princess Zelda in the French version of the game, recently revealed that she had begun recording for the second DLC but remained very tight lipped with any extra details. It seems we will have to wait a bit more to get any more concrete information, but be sure to keep up to date with Zelda Universe for any important news about the upcoming DLC!