The upcoming Champions’ Ballad will be the second DLC pack for Breath of the Wild and will provide more of a backstory to each of the heroes. Some hoped that the second DLC would allow us to play as either Princess Zelda or one of the other heroes, but a tweet from Nintendo of Europe denied this. The tweet did confirm though that the DLC will give more insight into the character of Zelda. It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that Adeline Chetail, the voice actress for the French version of Breath of the Wild, recently revealed that she will soon be recording dialogue for the second DLC.

The interview, which was conducted by Puissance Nintendo, asked whether Chetail would be doing more recording this year and if she could give more details for the Champions’ Ballad. She explained that the recording “will be done very soon”, which relates to the Winter release date for the second DLC pack. Sadly when asked for more information about the DLC pack she said that she “can’t tell you more about it.” Chetail stated that she “can’t spoil everyone” because “that wouldn’t be very nice.”

It seems we’ll have to wait to get more details on the Champions’ Ballad, but it’s good to see that recording will soon begin, as that suggests it’s already in the later stages of development. Patricia Summersett (Zelda’s English voice actor) hasn’t yet commented on the second DLC pack, but has previously revealed her inspiration for the role and no doubt she will be excited for the much anticipated second DLC.

What are you hoping for in the Champions’ Ballad?