This year’s E3 provided more details for the Champions’ Ballad, which is due to release later this year. The second DLC pack will give more of a backstory for the heroes in Breath of the Wild, and focus on Princess Zelda’s history. It looks to be much more story driven than The Master Trials and will hopefully tug on the heart strings just as much as some of Link’s memories.

Despite these story teasers for the second DLC, there has been very little information regarding gameplay. It was revealed that Link’s blue lobster t-shirt from Wind Waker will be available to wear, but little else has been revealed.

In a recent blog post, however, series producer Eiji Aonuma revealed a bit more information regarding what will be included in the Champions’ Ballad. He teased that other Zelda-related items would also be available with the DLC.

Again Aonuma is being very coy (small fry) in withholding information for the second DLC. However this is certainly an exciting teaser which could provide lots of new and exciting ways to play Breath of the Wild. The Zelda series is full of memorable equipment and items, so the possibilities are endless!

What are you hoping will be included in the Champions’ Ballad?

  • Film Rewind


    • ☼ Getsuga ☼

      The hook-shot typically requires some sort of grappling mark that’s scattered around the land. If they introduced a Hook-shot it’d have to accommodate a certain type of surface or object that may affect the way the game is built. I don’t see it working or returning in this game.

      • Sean Ewing

        Hook shot could grapple Sheikah walls

        • ☼ Getsuga ☼

          Like I said, that would alter the way the game is built and the way it’s meant to be played. You’d essentially breeze through the Shrines without worrying about any of the puzzles. The game is already very light on puzzles anyways so ruining the shrines wouldn’t help.

      • Film Rewind

        It could work just fine. Most things are different in BOTW. You can climb anywhere in the real world and so the hook shot would work at the distance it’s created to work. It can be made to attach to anything and act simply as a climbing upgrade or away to claim treasure in the water from enemies. And just like many items in the Sheika temples it would be deactivated.

        • Dreamwalker

          That would require an overhaul of the game, plus weeks or months of testing. Grow up.

          • Andy Raxis

            What’s the last software you wrote? Or tested? It’s unlikely that we could have any notion of the time to develop or test. It could be simple (days) and may require no overhaul of the game or engine (i.e. works on any surface, grabs and pulls you towards it) or it could require a moderate overhaul (add special surface and sprinkle them throughout the game). I would say that without special knowledge you are the one who needs to grow up. You obviously do not have the intelligence to be making internet comments.

          • Dreamwalker

            You don’t know me, so I don’t care.
            Implementing this kind of mechanic into such a HUGE game and test everything so you don’t break the game by clipping into walls or things like that would take a lot of time to test and fix.
            Wanting these kind of things in the game is childish.

  • Elicia Martin- Cruson

    Light bow

  • Jason Greenland

    It will feel more like a conventional Zelda game.

  • Rob

    12 more orbs so you can have full hearts and complete stamina wheels at the same time.